Amanda Seyfried plays porn star of `Deep throat`

Amanda Seyfried plays porn star of `Deep throat`Oscar-winning Directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman invited Amanda Seyfried for the lead role in the biographical film "Linda Lovelace" (named after the actress who played the iconic porn film "Deep throat").On the role of husband and tormentor of the main character, Chuck Traynor, invited Peter Skarsgaard.Will it be possible to make a film and with this Duo, is unclear. Amanda has not given a definitive answer. Previous versions failed, one after another. The latest contender for the role of Lovelace Olivia Wilde, but agreement could not be reached. Prior to this role were invited Kate Hudson, but she got pregnant before shooting began. The main male role was to play James Franco, but he withdrew from the race.Critics used to joke that Epstein and Friedman fail, because it started to remove the "Jewish version" of the film, inviting the starring actors with Jewish blood, marks NEWSru Israel.Amanda Seyfried, incidentally, is not Jewish, repeatedly posed Nude and even flaunt it, whatever suits Directors "Linda Lovelace". Start filming now they are planning for January 2012.Recently, Amanda had to explain in a TV interview the meaning of the tattoo on the ankle of the left leg, where it says the word "Minge", clear not every American. No qualms, the actress explained that in English slang word meaning "hairy vagina". The image of porn stars of the 70s it is consistent.About the resemblance of Linda Lovelace and Amanda Seyfried is uncertain. But, apparently, Epstein and Friedman are desperate to find an actress that corresponds to all parameters "Deep throats".It is noteworthy that in parallel does not exactly succeed the shooting of another film about Linda Lovelace - "Inferno", which does not claim to biographical accuracy. In it the main role was invited to play Lindsay Lohan, infamous actress, recently getting out from under arrest.The film Deep throat was released in 1972 and made an unprecedented sensation.She plays the main role in "Deep throat" Linda Lovelace (Linda Boreman) was born January 10, 1949 in new York, the son of a police where strictly adhered to Catholic norms. The girl was taught in Catholic schools, and her family was shocked when at 18 years of age Linda became pregnant. The child died in foster care, the mother said to Linda that she is not yet ready to be a mother. Then Linda ran away from his parents, but was involved in a severe car accident and was forced to return to his mother and father.Chuck Traynor, whom she soon became acquainted, became not only her husband but also her pimp, forcing her into prostitution and to act in pornography cheap even with scenes of bestiality.Money for shooting - 25 thousand dollars - Director Jerry Gerard gave the mobster Louis Peraino from Colombo clan, named the Rough. Later the mafia turned into a porn producer and said that "Deep throat" brought him "dough that we considered their weight". Revenue: $ 600 million dollars.Lovelace 25 years ago at a meeting of the Commission on pornography stated that during the filming was raped repeatedly. She said her husband, Chuck Traynor, "professional pimp," forced her to appear in explicit scenes put a gun to her temple.Linda, who had for his life to write four versions of his autobiography, the first two of them recalled working on "Deep throat" with pleasure, and secondly, the two appealed to the conscience of those who continue to watch this "terrible movie". The actress claimed that Traynor on the set performed the role of a cruel trainer who provided the Director of the shrew animal - Linda.The Traynor has repeatedly confirmed in various interviews, the words of his ex-wife, claiming that bill and Linda scare her arms.After the release of "Deep throat" Linda divorced Traynor. She married a specialist in repair of handsets and bore him two children.In recent years, the life of Linda Lovelace, who wanted to forget about his past, became an activist of the movement "Women against pornography".In 2002 at the age of 53 years, Linda died in a car crash in Denver. Source: Amanda Seyfried plays porn star of "Deep throat"".

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