Avril Lavigne beat in hotel `Roosevelt`

Avril Lavigne beat in hotel `Roosevelt`Canadian singer Avril Lavigne and her boyfriend was attacked by unknown. The singer, who didn't even resist, broke his nose and put a black eye.The incident occurred in a Hollywood hotel Roosevelt, which is opposite of the walk of fame, which is lined with stars with names of celebrities, and theatre "Kodak, where the annual prestigious MTV movie awards "Oscar". Perhaps this unpleasant situation, few would have known if Avril Lavigne did a short message."I don't fight, so as not to admit of force. Violence never leads nowhere. For me last night was attacked by five men appeared out of nowhere", - quotes the singer ITAR-TASS.So singer explained the lack of resistance on their part. Her boyfriend, 28-year-old Brody Jenner, too, have not tried to defend himself. In the end, he still has the scar on his face after the brawl.Shortly after the fight Avril Lavigne left the hotel, and Brody Jenner remained to testify arrived at the scene the police. Law enforcement in Los Angeles reported only that in the course of the scuffle that took place in this district, but so far they have no suspects. The official representative of the canadian singer declined to comment.Later Avril Lavigne said that it looks horrible: a black eye, a broken nose in the blood, cuts, contusions and bruises. It is noteworthy that 27-year-old Avril did not specify the motives for the attack that was made on her and her boyfriend five unknown.Interestingly, a year ago a similar case occurred with the former husband of Avril Lavigne, the singer of the band Sum-41 derrick Whibley. Then three unknown cruelly beat musician in a Japanese bar. But Avril is not even visited the clinic where the injured man was taken Whibley, reports Life News. Source: Avril Lavigne beat in hotel "Roosevelt"".

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