Russia chooses contender for `Oscar`

Russia chooses contender for `Oscar`Russia chooses whom this year to be nominated for the Academy award. The final meeting of the Russian Oscar Committee will be held on Monday evening.The three contenders - "Elena" by Andrei Zvyagintsev, "Faust" by Alexander Sokurov and "Burnt by the sun-2" by Nikita Mikhalkov, the newspaper "Izvestia".According to the rules of the American Academy, on "Oscar" in the category "Best film in a foreign language" may claim the film, which was released in my country in a car between the first of October of the previous year and the first of October. This item allows some liberty of interpretation " may not be released in the literal sense of the word, and to spend a few commercial sessions. Elena goes to rent on September 29, and "Faust" had a few commercial shows in Ulyanovsk.Already it became known that from Finland for the title of best foreign language film claims "Le Havre" by Aki Kaurismaki, from Germany - filmed in 3D "Pina" by WIM Wenders (one of the rare occasions when for the Oscar in this category claims non-fiction film), and from Poland's "In darkness" Kneski Holland.Alexander Sokurov's "Faust" won the main prize of the Venice film festival. The head of the jury Darren Aronofsky, handing the prize, said that "Faust" is one of those films that after watching that changes every. The film is based on the first part of Goethe's poem, the script was written by Yuri Arabs. Built for filming the whole city in the vicinity of Prague. The role of Faust performed a German stage actor Johannes Zailer, who spoke in the frame in the native language, Mephistopheles-the pawnbroker has played the founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Anton Adasinsky, the film starred Leonid Mozgovoy.Himself Sokurov said that, unfortunately, may be considered to be fully Russian Director. "I work and outside of Russia, many opportunities, and the pictures come out, but that will change in my position in this country? There are my movies that have never been shown in Russia. I'm not sure that we can show "Faust" in our country", - said the Director.About problems Sokurov with Russian officials recalled in his blog, the famous literary critic, publicist, writer and TV presenter Alexander Arkhangelsky: "Money to complete the dubbing was not enough. The Russian Fund of support of cinematography in the last second gave the portion of the requested amount as has been said, "scraped the bottom of the barrel", and at the meeting of the expert Council, the application has not passed, left to the discretion of the Foundation Board. Reason: the objective is to support large, industrial projects, and this movie.The film "Elena" by Andrei Zvyagintsev, debuted in Cannes and received the special jury prize at the UN certain regard". The film was among the contenders for the European "Oscar" - award of the European film Academy, which will be awarded in Berlin on 3 December.Elena took part in the International film festival in Toronto (Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF) and received three prizes at the film festival in South Africa.Nikita Mikhalkov's film "Burnt by the sun - 2. The citadel", coming out in cinemas in may this year, has set a disastrous record, gathering on the first weekend 5 times less the first part of the novels - "Anticipation".Before the premiere of the film, the viewer is persuaded the audience through his video blog that this picture they need. "Absolutely convinced that a huge number of people who did not understand that movie (Deisis), or not seen, or received with hostility, they will leave a lot of questions when they see it", - assured the Director.After the failure to hire the Director stated that "the Citadel" and "Exodus" is a long-running projects, and this movie should definitely be removed, even if it does not bring tangible benefits.Recall that last year Nikita Mikhalkov withdrew the first part of his novels Deisis with the vote of the Russian Oscar Committee, because, in his opinion, to judge the film only as a whole. Then, in 2010, on "Oscar" from Russia was nominated "the Edge" by Alexei Uchitel. In the final of the Oscar race, he is not released, but was in the shortlist for the prestigious award "Golden globe". Source: Russia chooses the applicant on "Oscar"".

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