In the Czech Republic died `dad` famous Mole

In the Czech Republic died `dad` famous Mole Czech animator zdenД›k Miler died at the age of 90 years in the Czech Republic. The artist died in a sanatorium in the town of Nove CSIS, where he was treated. He became famous as the Creator of cartoon character of Mole from the eponymous cartoon Krtek.ZdenД›k Miler was a classic hand-drawn animation wizard cartoon images, reports "Interfax". "He and his characters have gained international fame", - commented on the death of a Miler famous Czech animator BЕ™etislav Pojar.Miler was born in 1921 in the town of Kladno in the West of Czech Republic. He graduated from the Prague Academy of arts, architecture and design. Before the creation of the famous cartoon character Zdenek Miler did illustrations for children's books and worked with multiplication.Already the first series of the cartoon titled "How the Mole got his pants", released in 1957, brought the popularity of invented Miler the Mole far beyond the borders of Czechoslovakia. Just about the adventures of the black eyed mole and his friends were shot about 50 series.World famous animated series received because in all series, except the first, not used it. Cartoon dubbed only exclamations understood by the inhabitants of any country in the world. Mole know in more than 80 countries, including in Japan, RIA Novosti reported.It is noteworthy that the voice acting of the first cartoons Miler used recorded voices of his daughters. "Walt Disney used in their animated images of almost all animals, except one. It is this beast I chose" - Miler described the choice of the main character for their cartoons.Source: In the Czech Republic died "father" of the famous Mole.

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