Major-the bribe taker decided to take Borodin in Saint-Tropez

Major-the bribe taker decided to take Borodin in Saint-Tropez Well-known media personality Ksenia Borodina has accepted the invitation of the beloved of "House-2", which gave her a trip to Saint-Tropez.The emergence of the major project from Lyubertsy MIA Michael Terekhina began with a scandal, and over, apparently, a romantic journey.- His past, connected with bribery, many of us do not like it, " said the inhabitants of the perimeter. - However, Misha was able to quickly build relationships. With the male vote he flew, and love had time to build.Love31-year-old major, is a disgrace and from work because of a bribery scandal, very fast took on a new task. Michael decided not to waste their time with the residents of the project and charmed a leading reality show Xenia Borodin. The new novel is developing rapidly, however, the media personality is not yet ready to move it out of the "House-2".- I don't want Misha left the project, said "Your DAY" 28-year-old TV presenter. - On the show he is under the supervision of, any a step 24 hours a day recording camera.The resortTo seal the Union with a newly divorced beauty, Michael has prepared a surprise for her. Severe major was a great romantic and asked Xenia to go to Saint-Tropez.- We want to enjoy each other's company without all the fuss, away from the bustling city, - has shared with "Your DAY" the 31-year-old chosen a famous TV presenter. - I am very glad that my Xenia act appreciated and gave his precious consent.Lovers planning a trip in August. Although the mission Terekhina on the project has already exceeded - the young man has found his love after a romantic trip to the resort he will have to go back to the project. Source: Mayor-the bribe taker decided to take Borodin in Saint-Tropez.

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