Festival of progressive rock INPROG-2011

Festival of progressive rock INPROG-2011Festival of progressive rock "INPROG" is a music magazine "InRock" since 2001. Its main purpose has always been the support of the Russian progressive scene, her best achievements in comparison with foreign leaders of the genre. In the landmark date - 11.11.11 - the festival will be exactly 10 years. This anniversary event is resolvedto celebrate the three-day festival INPROG-2011, which will be held with the support of the Foundation Alexey Kozlov "ArtBeat" (www.artbeat.ru), known for a number of successful campaigns, including the festival "FuzzionDay-2011" in Moscow with the participation of Oz Noy Trio -- top stars today's fusion.Headlining all three concerts -2011 will be English supergroup The Tangent (http://www.thetangent.org/). In Russia it has not yet acted, but well known to our fans of art-rock. On account of The Tangent five Studio albums on the label InsideOut, sixth ("COMM") was released in late September, things with him will be heard at the festival.Mandatory participant in all of the concerts will also Kostarev Group - project Patriarch of our progressive rock Alexander Kostareva, which in autumn is also the anniversary of 35 years of creative activity. All items will be Uphill Work - talented team from Moscow.And will open the concerts of the festival, which in 2011 will be held in three cities, sets of young, but already acclaimed prog-teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl.The schedule of the festival:11.11.11: the Moscow club "B2", 18:00,http://www.b2club.ru/event/11-11-2011/18-00/8/,http://vkontakte.ru/event30770253 Tickets are 500 rubles.The Tangent, Cracked Rombix, Uphill Work, Kostarev Group12.11.11 the Yaroslavl club "Avangard", 18:00http://vkontakte.ru/event30824553 Tickets from 400 rubles.The Tangent, Introspective F. M., Uphill Work, Kostarev Group13.11.11 Petersburg, Jagger club, 18:00http://vkontakte.ru/event30835073 Tickets from 400 rubles.The Tangent, Roz Vitalis, Uphill Work, Kostarev Group.More detailed information about the groups participating inhttp://www.inrock.ru/inprog2011 and in the attached file.TICKETSWe tried to make ticket prices as democratic as possible!Tickets for the Moscow concert can be purchased:1) at club B2 (Mayakovskaya, Bolshaya Sadovaya str. 8, 7 (495) 650-99-18/09)2) at the rock shop "zig-Zag" (m. Kitai-Gorod) http://vkontakte.ru/club77179003) at the rock shop "uncle Bob" (Chistye Prudy)http://rockborya.ru/adres-magazina.html4) in TC rump, 2nd floor, shop "Metal & Progressive' (M. Bagrationovskaya).5) On the websites of ticket agents: concert.ru, parter.ru, kassir.ru.The cost of tickets on pre-sale 500 rubles (the dance floor), VIP - 1000 rubles.The cost of tickets on the day of the concert - 700 rbl. (the dance floor).in Yaroslavl:Shop "Muse", Yaroslavl, Deputatskaya street, 15 www.muza-disk.narod.ruThe cost of tickets in pre-sale 400 rbl., in day of the concertat the entrance to the club is 500 rubles.in St. Petersburg:at club Jagger (PL 2, (812) 292-20-02)on the website Kassir.ru:.

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