Rihanna appeared without makeup

Rihanna appeared without makeup To catch a star without makeup is usually a great success for any paparazzi, but not all star ill star disease, and some quite a force to voluntarily appear in public in a bad way.So, Rihanna went to the call of the fans, appearing on the balcony of his hotel room in Brazil sleepy and unkempt. It is clear that only awakened the stars had no desire to wear makeup or dress up, and on the balcony she appeared yawning, in simple pajamas.On the other hand, in 23 years girls are beautiful at any time of the day, so Rihanna could afford such a gesture. By the way, the fans and the paparazzi were richly rewarded, when the star turned around and showed appetizing rear view. Source: Rihanna appeared without makeup.

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