Jennifer aniston had a grief

Jennifer aniston had a griefLast weekend, a 75-year-old mother of the actress suffered a stroke. And Jen, forgetting old grudges, rushed to the hospital to visit her.So far no official information from the press service of aniston didn't arrive, so journalists have to be content with the reports of anonymous sources from the hospital. According to them, Nancy Dow has suffered a massive stroke and is now in serious condition.The doctors are very worried about the state of his aging mother Jennifer. Now the woman is in the intensive care unit where she was connected to life support.During his visit to the hospital the actress was accompanied by her boyfriend Justin Theroux, but the source said that he was waiting for aniston outside.Recall that for many years Jennifer tried to avoid the topic of parental, or rather maternal, home so skillfully that many have suspected something was wrong. Nancy from childhood told her daughter that she is ugly, fat and clumsy."Your eyes are too small and close together, the face is too big, and terrible father's mouth! You're a fat mouse with eyes in the bunch, that's all that I have ever heard! - admitted the actress in a candid interview. She taught me how to apply a thicker layer of makeup, saying that otherwise I should be ashamed to go outside".The first time the actress seriously quarreled with his mother in 1996, when Nancy was invited to the popular TV show, and she's all over the country have allowed themselves sarcastic remarks about the hair daughter's. Jennifer has forgiven her mother, but not immediately, but only after two years, having met married and thinking about parental blessing. But in 1999, Nancy has released a memoir, "From mother, to daughter and "Friends" - and they stopped talking again. Even familiar to all journalists surprised this book is filled with candid details about his childhood and adolescence Jennifer, ironic thoughts and guesses about her personal life and very intimate details. Jennifer was so indignant that for a long time in the interview called the mother of the "mentally ill".In 2000, she didn't even take his mother to the wedding with brad pitt. And only five years later, experiencing a difficult divorce, Jen resumed communication. Because they live in different cities, reasons for no petty arguments, and the books about her daughter Nancy promised not to write."Now everything is fine between us. All that was forgotten, - recently shared aniston. Since then mom has changed. She fell in love, she wants to talk to me about sex. I'm surprised and amused to see themselves in mom, but today I noticed that we had a lot in common. However, I'm not so terrible in anger. When mom gets angry, it's a terrible sight!" Source: Jennifer aniston had a grief.

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