The richest teenagers in the world

The richest teenagers in the worldPeople magazine named the highest paid teenagers in the world. According to estimates edition, last year a musical Prodigy Justin Bieber has managed to earn $ 53 million and topped the rating of the richest teenagers.Interestingly, the artist gets the profit, not only through constant touring and two small halls quickly plates. Justin became a successful businessman in the production of perfumes, nail Polish and even ice cream. Big money young singer brought and documentary motion picture "never say Never", which became the highest grossing concert film in history.In second place in the list was singer and actress, idol of American youth Miley Cyrus. In addition to performances on stage and filming a movie and television series actress releases under his own name dozens of products, thereby earning $ 48 million.Bronze went to muscular handsome from the Saga about vampires "Twilight" Taylor the Lautner, who received last year 16 million. Hero girlish dreams literally breathing down my back one of the brothers Nick Jonas from 12.5 million. Fifth place was shared by the offspring of Hollywood actor will Smith Jaden and willow, in its early years managed to earn nine million dollars.It's funny that the leader of a rating of the richest teenagers Bieber topped the list of the worst pop acts in history for the English version of the publication NME. The drafters of this hurtful charts explained his choice by the fact that Justin turns fans into zombies with the brain of a 12 year old girl and a stupid haircut, reports IA "Rosbalt".Second place was awarded to the group Black Eyed Peas, which was accused of excessive love for electronic passages. Sixteenth line took socialite, singer and actress Paris Hilton with her hit Stars are Blind, witty Englishmen compared with a drunk singing at the crossroads. On the twentieth place was an American singer Rebecca black, author of the viral video Friday, scored for a month more than 70 million views online. Source: The richest teenagers in the world.

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