In Pushkin will show illustrations Chemiakin to Vysotsky

In Pushkin will show illustrations Chemiakin to VysotskyIn the Pushkin state Museum on November 9 exhibition of graphic works by Mihail Chemiakin, illustrating poems and songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. The exhibition runs until 11 December.In Pushkin exhibited 42 illustrations (so many years have lived Vysotsky), 12 sketches, manuscripts, letters, and photos of Vysotsky and Shemyakin, who were friends.The exposition is called "Two fates", its holding is confined to the output Chemiakin books of the same name. The publication, which will be released in "Vita Nova", the lyrics of Vysotsky will be printed together with illustrations of the artist.As noted in the press release of the Pushkin Museum, exhibition Shemyakin is the result of his thirty years ' work, which he started after his friend's death. On the Museum's website quoted Shemyakin, who called the current exhibit "a kind of graphic monument to Vladimir Vysotsky and his work".The official opening was held on November 8, attended by the artist himself, and also the Director of the Pushkin Museum Irina Antonova and Director General of the publishing house "Vita Nova" Alexei Zakharenkov.Shemyakin was born in 1943 in Moscow. After the war the family of the future artist was living in Germany; in 1957 they returned to the USSR in Leningrad. Shemyakin studied at the art school at the Academy of fine arts, but was later excluded from it. He is the founder of the creative Association "Petersburg" (1967). First solo exhibition Shemyakin was held in 1969 in the USA. After 1971 there were over 50.Shemyakin lived a long time abroad - in the USA and France, where he lives until now. The artist, who is also known for work on theatrical productions, and sometimes come to Petersburg.We understand Shemyakin know in Paris in the mid-seventies, after that between the two struck up a friendship. In addition to the illustrations to the work of the poet, the artist has left an equally important legacy in his Studio Shemyakin recorded songs of Vysotsky. To do this, the artist acquired the tape and took some courses sound engineers. Source: the Pushkin show illustrations Chemiakin to Vysotsky.

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