Pregnant Glucose for `5 minutes` before giving birth

Pregnant Glucose for `5 minutes` before giving birth According to the singer, she feels fine. And if someone gave her a guarantee that the third pregnancy will flow as easily as the present, it is without hesitation would immediately and gave birth to a third child.Now Natasha Chistyakova-Ionova nine months. In the middle of may, the artist, together with her daughter Lydia, grandmother, 11-year-old son of her husband Alex and two nurses flew to Spain. As four years ago, to give birth to her second child, the singer will be in Marbella.Despite considerable period, the energy of the singer can only envy - she continues to work on the album, a record which began in Moscow."The doctor watching me during pregnancy, long insists that it's time to quit work and focus on what's important - expecting your baby. But I can't just sit on the couch. Vibrant life, and I want to redo a hundred cases a day. Besides, I feel just fine. In me so much that, it seems, can move mountains. Sometimes I forget that I'm in an interesting position, flit around the house, running around," Natasha admitted in an interview with the magazine "7 Days".It is already known that the heir Chistyakova daughter again. The baby decided to call Faith - in honor of the grandmother of Alexander. And yet, according to Glucose, she is already mentally prepared for the third child - if only someone gave a guarantee that the pregnancy will be as easy as today.In addition, for "five minutes" before the birth of the singer, along with her beloved husband and daughter starred in the romantic and "home" photo shoot. "I feel that I will begin a new stage in life, and feel completely happy!" - says the singer. And it is visible to the naked eye. Source: Pregnant Glucose for 5 minutes before giving birth.

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