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Singer Kamaliya Baskov gave the yacht a price of $2 millionTo its upcoming 35th anniversary and future wedding Nikolay Baskov received a gorgeous gift. Singer Kamaliya and her husband is a billionaire gave the "Golden voice of Russia" the snow-white yacht cost nearly two million dollars.As admitted "Express Gazeta" singer Kamaliya and her husband Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahur, for Baskov they did not mind. It all started with the fact that the couple invited Baskov in guests on his yacht - eat barbecue and tasting of Crimean wines.After Kolya went on Board, honored guest were invited to taste the dishes prepared personal chef Mohammad. However, the singer was quick to refuse. "I'm on a diet! That watermelon can, plums... the meat, the fish - you what?! Not! My diet for the anniversary. And anyway... I'm getting married soon! Yes! And the secret! Then all will know by the owners of the vessel tenor.As it turned out, except for weddings, Baskov duet with Kamaliya. After a quarrel with Philip Kirkorov, the singer worried, with whom now she will take the stage. Came to the aid of the Basques, who himself tested many times, which means quarrel with pop king.From sweet words Baskov, Kamaliya I clearly felt dizzy. And here nick was not taken aback. "Nice boat, I like it," he said. - This would be my best birthday gift... Give? - Yes! - immediately shouted from the deck of Mohammad. - She's yours!".



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