The mayor of Kiev is diluted because mistress

The mayor of Kiev is diluted because mistressSpouse flamboyant Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky has filed for divorce from his mistress. 40-year-old Elena Savchuk expects child policy, writes the Ukrainian press.40-year-old Elena was introduced to the mayor of Kiev, her mother, the senior pastor of the Holy of Holies, former pastor of Embassy of God Sofia jukotanskaja reports "Корреспондент.net". It turned out they already know "about the delicate relationship between Leonid Chernovetsky and Elena Savchuk". The girl was a frequent guest of the parish."She is a modest person, and she always dressed flashy, and do not forward leaning. She was always in the shadow of his mother, though very like her..." - said one of the parishioners of the Church. According to her, Sofia had long been familiar with Chernovetsky, and when he became mayor, asked him to arrange a daughter in the city administration. "She held the position of small and short-lived," said the parishioner. But in this short time they have with the mayor allegedly had an affair.Now Elena is divorced, she has a 13-year-old son. Savchuk lives on the Left Bank, her apartment, according to rumors, was bought by the mayor. According to press reports, she was noticeably pregnant, and now Chernovetsky sent her to Odessa, where she has to give birth."With Elena they often stayed together in America, in the Maldives where he said he is building something. They say that it, like put it on her account million. And when she was sick, he was very worried and went to visit her in the hospital," said one of the ex-employees of the city hall.Earlier it became known that on August 15, the Pechersk district court of Kyiv under the chairmanship of judge Galina Suprun planned to consider a lawsuit Alina Aivazova to Leonid Chernovetsky on divorce. However, none of the parties did not attend the meeting. The reasons alleged divorce was not reported.The parishioners of the Church of the Embassy of God believe that Alina Aivazova filed for divorce because of infidelity and jealousy. However, according to political analysts, the divorce process is an attempt to avoid financial penalties in case of excitation against Chernovetsky criminal case."This is a classic technique to avoid confiscation of property, when the fictitious wife divorced from her husband... More this was misused in his time the representatives of the Italian mafia in the USA. When in the 50-60-ies of the FBI started to nail the mafia, they began to hide their income" - quoted by "Rosbalt" the political technologist Taras Berezovets. Source: the Mayor of Kiev is diluted because mistress.

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