`Ranetki` Natalia Melnichenko gave birth to a girl

`Ranetki` Natalia Melnichenko gave birth to a girlThe soloist of the girl band "Ranetki" Natalia Melnichenko gave birth to a girl. The father of the baby is the producer of the group Sergey Melnichenko.The girl was born in the middle of November, but happy parents tried not to publicize this joyous occasion. Sergey Melnichenko told that Natalia gave birth in a normal hospital, but on the childbirth was not present, though it is now incredibly fashionable. Baby was born a height of 51 inches and a weight of 3,270 pounds. Wife of Melnichenko called the girl with the unusual name of the Story."A diminutive fairy - Tale. It is an ancient Russian name. Natasha on November 19, was released from the hospital. And on November 20, has already played with the girls at the concert. To care for Rasskazy help parents. Yes, I am also not without hands", - quotes happy father "Express newspaper".Recall, the news that Natalia Melnichenko will soon become a mother, appeared in September. However, about her interesting position was rumored two years ago, when she met married the producer of the team Sergey Melnichenko. Evil tongues did not believe that between the bride and groom the sincere feelings.When, finally, Natalya was really pregnant bandmate Anya Rudnev said: "This child is welcome and desirable! The sex of the baby Natasha and Sergey decided not to learn but we hope it will be a boy. We have a girl's team - maybe that's why I want to was born a man." Hope the girls were not confirmed in their women's regiment arrived. Meanwhile, for Sergei's Story is the third child. From previous marriages he has daughters - 22-year-old Anastasia and 13-year-old Dawn.Sergey Melnichenko met his future wife about five years ago, but romantic relationship broke recently. After a couple of months after had arisen between them sparks he formally made the proposal to Natalia. The couple were married on October 17, 2009. Source: "Ranetka" Natalia Melnichenko gave birth to a girl.

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