A rating of the sexiest princesses of the world

A rating of the sexiest princesses of the world The hottest girls from representative list of princesses of all monarchies in the world according to one of the largest portals for American men Askmen.com.10. The crown Princess of Denmark Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark), 39 yearsA native of Tasmania Mary Elizabeth Donaldson met with the heir to the Danish throne, crown Prince Frederik in 2000, and 4 years later the couple married.Now the Princess raising four children and, judging by the polls, is one of the most loved persons in the Royal Danish court.9. The Princess of Thailand, Sirivannavari of Nariratana (Sirivannavari Nariratana, Princess of Thailand), 24 yearsIn 2009, Sirivannavari, is not only the Princess, but also one of the most successful businesswomen throughout Southeast Asia, entered the top 20 hottest young royals in the world according to Forbes.Real passion 24-year-old girl - fashion: the collection of the brand "Princess Sirivannavari" successfully sold not only in Bangkok but also in Paris, Milan and new York.8. Princess Eugenie of York Princess Eugenie of York), 21 yearsOne of the responsibilities of a Princess, with whom the girl is doing well, is well dressed and distinguished by refined taste and manners.From most mandatory high ceremonies Eugene released. However, since 2008 she voluntarily engaged in charitable organization to help cancer patients.7. Princess of Bhutan Sonam diqing wangchuck (Sonam Dechen Wangchuck, Princess of Bhutan), 29 yearsPrincess Sonam is the owner of the scientific degree in international relations from Stanford University and master of laws at Harvard law school.In line of succession girl, being a half sister of the present king of Bhutan Jigme Khesar namgyel Wangchuck, is the sixth.6. Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg, Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg), 20 yearsThe Princess who speaks five languages (Luxembourgish, French, English, German and Spanish), studied literature, history and philosophy.He is fond of Alexander's horse riding, tennis and water skiing. As to the succession, the girl is the fifth in line to the throne.5. Princess of Monaco Charlene (Charlene, Princess of Monaco), 33 yearsFormer South African swimmer and Prince albert of Monaco is the Second met in 2000. Their engagement announced only a couple 10 years later, in June 2010.As of 1 July 2011, despite efforts by Charlene to escape from Monaco because of appearing before the wedding, rumors about an illegitimate child of the Prince, the couple tied the knot.4. Princess of Monaco Charlotte Casiraghi (Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess of Monaco), 24 yearsIn the blood Charlotte - granddaughter of actress grace Kelly (Grace Kelly) is mixed French, Italian, Mexican, American, English, German, Irish and Swedish roots.She studied the Princess in France. Among her favorite Hobbies is horse riding and journalism. In line for succession of the throne a girl is the fourth.3. Princess Madeleine of Sweden Princess Madeleine of Sweden), 29 yearsMadeleine publicly-known for its turbulent romance novels, enjoys horseback riding and traveling.She also loves skiing and interested in culture, particularly theatre, dance and art.2. Princess of Asturias Letizia (Letizia, Princess of Asturias), 38 yearsLetizia, a former journalist, and currently the wife of the Prince of Asturias Felipe, - participates in the international and domestic activities alongside members of the Royal family of noble origin.Among the responsibilities of a Princess and part-time, mother of two daughters - social problems of the country, including children's rights, culture and education.1. Zara Phillips (Zara Philips), 30 yearsJuly 30, 2011, the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Zara, married a British Rugby player Mike Tindall (Mike Tindall).Despite the fact that in line to the throne, Zara is one of the latest, popularity and extent of national sympathy she is ahead of almost all members of the Imperial dynasty. Source: a Rating of the sexiest princesses of the world.

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