The scandalous Duchess got married in 85 years

The scandalous Duchess got married in 85 yearsThe Duchess of Alba, the most titled woman in the world, got married for the third time. In 85 years.The Duchess of Alba, she is Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonso Victoria Eugenia Francis Fitz-James Stuart and de Silva, married for the third time. Chosen one 85-year-old woman became the official Alfonso díez, Carabantes who is younger than my better half for almost a quarter of a century, reports the website of the newspaper "Trud".The wedding ceremony was held in the chapel of XV century Palacio de Las Dueñas and was very modest - a total of 40 guests, including four of the six children of the Duchess, which, incidentally, opposed the wedding. Children believed that Alfonso wants to marry solely because of financial motives, because the Duchess of Alba is considered one of the richest people in Spain. Her condition, according to some estimates, reaching $ 4.7 billion.However, now the Duchess has considerably extended: due to the required permits relatives to this marriage cheerful old lady handed out almost all his fortune, leaving a total of five million dollars, reports "Express newspaper". In addition to money the Duchess bequeathed to the children of the paintings of Goya, Velasquez, Rembrandt and other famous artists.Note that the groom at the insistence of the children of the Duchess signed a document pledging not to claim the status of the bride. Even if she wants him to leave, write "Вести.Ru". Only after these not very pleasant procedures, the wedding took place. After the ceremony perfectly happy 85-year-old newlywed threw it into the crowd of fans bouquet, took off her shoes and danced the hot flamenco.Recall that the Duchess of Alba is known not only for his eccentric behavior, which has experienced two previous spouses, and not only its name but also a huge number of titles: seven Dukes, 22 count and title 24 of the awning. In addition, being the head of the 539-year-old house of Alba, the Duchess is entitled to a horse to travel to Seville Cathedral and not to bend the knee to the Pope. Source: the Scandalous Duchess got married in 85 years.

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