Stewart laughed at the sexuality of Pattinson

Stewart laughed at the sexuality of Pattinson Kristen Stewart once again appeared in Glamour magazine and revealed her "twilight" co-workers and life in London. Photoset I would not like " everything's corny - but told Chris this.For example, laughed at Robert Pattinson and his title of sexiest man on the planet. "When Rob first so named, it was the biggest joke in the world. We are constantly on this rock, and he is with us".About the Taylor Lautner, Chris Hembra and Garrett Hedlund Chris says they are all great guys. "Lord, now you might think that I generalize about all attractive guys. But there is something in vain is to work with them every day. They are, in General, all the wonderful and crazy. So so much fun with them".Chris removed in England in "snow white and the huntsman", and previously held in this country a lot of time. The magazine asked what British music she likes. "Laura Marlin. I, man, fucking her fan. Rob gave it to me to listen to "Twilight" because I thought that her music fits the film. I love her".In London Kristen spent the last two New Years and believes this time is incredible. As for the difference in life in Britain and America, Chris said: "In Los Angeles you need to carefully choose where they want to go, but here I have no problems. Similarly, in new York: there all busy with their own Affairs and I think probably what's cooler than you, so I'm pretty safely walk the streets. In America we have bars, clubs and restaurants in England, you can simple go to the pub and have lunch. In the American press immediately you receive the title: "It goes to the London pub crawl!", but here, a different mentality." Source: Stewart mocked the sexuality of Pattinson.

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