The Sun `fed` Murdoch palladium

The Sun `fed` Murdoch palladiumOn the website of the British newspaper the Sun has published an article about the death of media magnate Rupert Murdoch. False message posted by the hackers, who said that Murdoch overeaten palladium.Meanwhile, the tycoon in connection with the recent scandal to testify to a British parliamentary Committee.Last night a hacker group LulzSec has posted on the website of the British newspaper the Sun material about the death of media magnate Rupert Murdoch, who owns the publication. Currently access to the website of the tabloid was not possible because of the influx of users. However, the Daily Telegraph leads a screenshot of the hacked page that hosts pseudoroot. "Found the body of a media Mogul" - says the message header."Elderly Murdock stated that he used inside too much palladium, then last night, wandered into his famous figured mow the garden, where he died at the dawn," reads the hacker article.Cyber bullies also shared his joy on Twitter, where he reported the burglary of a Murdoch publication. It is on the news redirect visitors to The Sun.LulzSec - known hacker group, before performing attacks on the websites of the companies Sony and Nintendo, as well as governmental organizations, in particular the CIA. According to unofficial classification, LulzSec is the so-called grey hackers who hacked the websites are not for selfish purposes, but to indicate the owners of the site to a breach in the security system, or to revenge for something. In late June, hackers LulzSec announced on Twitter on dissolution, RIA Novosti reported.Recall that the Rupert Murdoch-led media Corporation recently appeared in the center of a new round of scandal when it was revealed that staff publications tycoon illegally wiretapped the phones and bribed police for the sake of creating sensational materials. The result was closed tabloid News of the World owned by corporations Murdoch.Note that mediastinal and has already led to real victims. As written, the Days.Roux, on the eve of the former editor of show business British newspaper News of the World Shaun Hour was found dead at his home in Hertfordshire. He was the first who learned of the phone calls auditions employees of the newspaper. The police still find it difficult to name the cause of death, but in the case of listening to the journalist was above suspicion. It Hour first made allegations of unauthorized wiretapping of the phones of famous Britons from NoW.In connection with the scandal surrounding News International Rupert Murdoch, his son James and former head of the publishing house News International Rebecca Brooks on Tuesday will have to answer questions from a British parliamentary Committee. This meeting is very significant, and the leader of the opposition labour party ed Miliband called it "the most important in the recent history of the country." The British Parliament plans to postpone the departure for the summer holidays and to meet on Wednesday for an emergency discussion of the results of the Commission's meeting. Source: The Sun "fed" Murdoch palladium.

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