Top 20 most fat stars

Top 20 most fat stars The list, which included the 20 most fat stars - both women and men, people who are a great complexion and overweight did not stop to show their talent and become famous.Singer Carney Wilson (Carnie Wilson) has never been slim, but after the birth of a child put on weight.Vincent Pastore (Vincent Pastore) - by itself, dawn of the Sopranos should be a solid man.Missy Elliott (Missy Elliott) when complexed because of its weight, but then spat and accepted herself for who she is. And not lost.As one critic said about the British singer Adele (Adele) - she managed to make it almost impossible in our time to become super popular in a short time without the silicone Tits.Phyllis Smith (Phyllis Smith), known for its bright appearance in "the Office", has always been plump, and so she went largely to the role of good-natured "brood hens", which, however, she coped brilliantly.Clown outfit C-Lo green (Cee-Lo Green) great contrast with his brilliant vocals.And actor Kevin Smith (Kevin Smith), despite the appearance and complexion is not a hero-lover, managed to play in a pile of blockbusters, including "Dogma", "die hard 4" and "Scream 3".Congenital completeness of actress kirstie alley (Kirstie Alley) has not stopped her to show off not only in many family comedies, but also in the film "Look who's talking" in tandem with John Travolta.Complexion popular actor, comedian and musician Jack black (Jack Black), and charm, has become an integral part of his image.Behind the actor-comedian Kevin James (Kevin James) is not only a role in nearly 20 films and television series, but a decent job as a producer and screenwriter.27-year-old actress America Ferrera (America Ferrera) feels comfortable in his body and loves himself so much that he even insured her smile for $10 million.Whoopi Goldberg (Whoopi Goldberg) is one of the brightest Hollywood stars of 80-90 years of the twentieth century - despite their outstanding form, has never been afraid to dress up either in voluminous dresses to toe, no baggy shirts for men.22-year-old star of the film "Hairspray" (2007) Nikki Blonsky (Nikki Blonsky) has no inferiority complex because of his weight and is incredibly popular with the opposite sex.Popular actor and screenwriter Jonah hill (Jonah Hill) has achieved success on the Olympus of glory, being the man "in the body". A few months ago, John broke up with excess weight, without losing its appeal.The actor with fat figure more difficult role than someone who has athletic figure. However, 36-year-old Jamal Woolard (Jamal Woolard) was not taken aback and quickly found its niche in the film industry, making his debut soon in the lead role in the biographical drama "Notorius".In addition to overweight, actor Anthony Anderson (Anthony Anderson) has Shcherbinka between the teeth, but neither that, nor another did not prevent him to play perfectly in such blockbusters as "transformers" and "the Departed.".

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