Knightley will play the title role in `the Geographer drank his globe away`

Knightley will play the title role in `the Geographer drank his globe away`The main role in the film "the Geographer globe propyl" based on the novel by Alexei Ivanov can play actor Konstantin Khabensky, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to Director of public relations of the company "Red arrow" Dmitry Davydenko.According to him, while Khabensky not approved for the role, but is seen as the main contender. Other candidates are kept secret.Meanwhile, the second film's Director Irina Tretyakova told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" that Khabensky already approved for the role.Previously as a candidate for the role of a geography teacher from the Perm school Victor Kuzkina considered Yevgeny Mironov.The project received support from the development Fund of the national cinema as a socially significant. The production of the film "the Geographer globe propyl" deals Alexander Veledinsky, known for his painting "Live", as well as participate in the creation of the series "Brigada". Shooting should begin in Perm on 2 November 2011 in the school N9.This school was chosen not by accident, the newspaper said. In the spring of this year at this school opened theatre "School of keira Knightley". According to Tretyakova, about this school, the filmmakers learned from Khabensky, when he was approved for the role.Alexey Ivanov is the author of the novels "Heart of Parma", "the Geographer globe propyl" and others, as well as the screenplay for the film by Pavel Lungin's "Tsar". Three times the writer was nominated for the award "national bestseller".As for the works that will put the film, winner of the "Azbest" Leonid Yuzefovich said about him: "Bad books are written for all, good for the few. Alexey Ivanov, a young Museum worker from Perm, I managed to write a wonderful book for many. This is a very funny and incredibly sad book. It is about modern school, love the teachers and senior pupils, about the world, which continues "eternal beauty to Shine" even in times of inflation and economic reform." Source: Knightley will play the title role in "the Geographer globe propyl"".

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