Groupies Malakhov stole the wallet

Groupies Malakhov stole the walletAndrey Malakhov not only got married this summer, but noted professional anniversary-for the past 10 years, he is on the First channel using the wildly popular talk show "Let them talk", formerly named "Big wash".At the very beginning of her career fate gave Andrew a painful vaccinated against star disease. "I well remember the disappointment when I received my first paycheck as a leading new program. It was stolen from me on the same day in the supermarket! Walked to the exit hung with bags of groceries, when I was surrounded by girls to give an autograph. I was delighted: "Here it is, thanks!" - with a smile says Andrew.But when fans went, broadcaster realized that together they autographed and grabbed the wallet. "I had been ill star disease, before it really get infected," concluded showman.It should be noted that the years does not affect the appearance of the Malakhov. Andrew always cheerful and fresh, despite the bad environment of the metropolis and quite nervous. "To look more or less normal, you need to live under military discipline - revealed his secret in an interview with "Antenna" TV presenter. - No Smoking, no drinking, try to sleep at least eight hours, not to eat after nine. The latter, of course, not always possible, because come late and sometimes climb into the refrigerator.With a lot of characters their programs Malakhov has long and tight friends, but it's not really makes it work. "They can have friends to ask not to ask about something, then insist to cut some pieces from a recording. Friends harder to deny. Again, it's hard to keep them secret and not to use, " said the showman. "But these people can trust me and agree to exclusive that never will in other programs". Source: the Fans Malakhov stole the wallet.

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