Arkady Ukupnik is preparing to become a father

Arkady Ukupnik is preparing to become a fatherAny day a 58-year-old singer and composer born third child. The sex of a baby's parents decided not to find out, but somehow believe that having a girl.Pregnancy Arkady and his wife Natalia kept a secret - not reported nor friends, nor even the press. "To the last friends didn't notice that I was expecting, but at the end of April already appeared tummy," said the expectant mother. Then "came to" and to journalists. However, when asked spouses only answer that will tell all later, but for now - silence, so as not to jinx it.According to Natasha, the child regularly reminds himself, is actively pushing. "If we talk about the physical condition, I feel good, maybe even better than expected. All the excitement related to my pregnancy, it's almost over. Medicine is now at such a level as to give birth when you're not twenty, not scary. The main thing - correct, healthy, positive attitude, " she said. - We are waiting for the appearance of the baby with awe, without unnecessary nervousness and bustle".Although Ukupnik dad twice (from two previous marriages, Arcadia has a 31-year-old son Gregory and 24-year-old daughter Yunna), he is experiencing for the first time. "Now experiencing very different feelings than 30 years ago when this was first. 25 to feel about fatherhood lightly, the wind in my head: there is a child - well, then nothing. And now feeling very different - waiting for the baby as a miracle," said the singer in an interview with Hello!.The artist also proud to be a father at age 58. "I'm his age is no secret," he admits. "You know, after fifty life no longer seems endless. And when heaven send you this gift, then, believe me, it all starts over again. Want in 25, to live, to love, to write music again to feel young. So, if you have the opportunity to become a father after 50, I advise everyone not regret it". Source: Arkady Ukupnik is preparing to become a father.

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