The layout

The layoutIf not press conference, which convened on 11 October, a famous impresario Victor Shulman, neither I nor, I believe, who is another Russian in America paid no particular attention was held last Sunday on TV channel NTV transmission "confession". The usual sort of "thing" - something divided between the so-called Russian "stars". This time it was about how they risk their lives and health in everyday life: some of dewali were in a car accident, the other boys almost got burned up, and still others almost flew in the plane, where spilled nitric acid...Another story: shot or didn't shoot the Manager-drunk forgotten group "Gaza Strip"... And then all of a sudden the already overexposed story about how the Prosecutor's office in the 80s almost shoved Vladimir Vysotsky and his business Manager for fraud with tickets...Well sit, well look - and what is it to you that the TV crew suddenly powerstyle the great Vladimir Vysotsky to modern "bitches" and change the accent, "bitches"? And what is it to you that then came the story about how supposedly had a bad team Alla Pugacheva during the last, called "jubilee" tour in the USA, the impresario of which was Victor Shulman? So, for you, the immigrant, as they say in Russia, pelopidas, and not expected.It is only after the press conference, after reviewing the recording of the program NTV, I realized that the layout of the plot with Vysotsky and his impresario was needed to follow to coordinate the next story. Fine bunch - by: "Vladimir Vysotsky was the first customer in America's most famous impresario Victor Shulman".Yes, he was. And not only he and one hundred of them are "stars" - one other is brighter. What did not fail to note Ntvshniki and even showed again posterity aired a snippet of an event Manager, where these "stars", as now they say in Russia, "smoochy, smoochy" Shulman from gentle feelings of gratitude...And again a fine bunch, "But there is one team says his latest work with Victor Shulman as a nightmare - Alla Pugacheva..." On paniki! And then the floor to the musician Alexander Levshin... "Such a cynical attitude to the team of Alla Pugacheva I have never seen in 30 years... Musicians kicked in the teeth...".

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