Borodin quarreled with Terekhin because of the fashion show

Borodin quarreled with Terekhin because of the fashion show In the framework of the fashion Week in Moscow took place the show of wedding dresses designer Nadya Slava's.To present the collection had the most desirable girls Russian show business - the young singer NYUSHA, media personality Ksenia Borodina, singer Tatiana TERESHIN, presenter GABRIELLA and the first singing DJ Nastia KRAYNOVOY.- Corset my dress made from old sketches, - said Nastya Krainova. - So on me its so tight that I couldn't breathe, and for two hours I am suffering. But look what my neckline, all men today will be my.But not only gorgeous Nastia breast this evening could admire the audience: Nadia Slavina took a deep neckline all their dresses. Nyusha, Ksenia Borodina and Gabriella even took the field with their "gifts" on the podium. It turned out that most bust at Gabrielle, on the second place of this impromptu contest was Borodin and only the third place went to lady Gaga.By the way, support your favourite TV presenter arrived several participants "Houses-2". However, desirable men Michael Terekhina wasn't among them. Xenia spent the entire night trying to reach him, but the man of her dreams didn't answer. Upset Borodin didn't know where to go from anxiety. Rumor has it that the cause of the quarrel was the fact that she decided to participate in the show in a wedding dress. Terekhin long tried to dissuade favorite from it, Recalling a bad omen. But the media personality has been on his own. Mountain lover is not even at the party, scheduled after the show. Source: Borodin quarreled with Terekhin because of the fashion show.

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