Kutcher Moore promised not to look at other women

Kutcher Moore promised not to look at other womenDemi Moore has forgiven Ashton Kutcher cheating and will not divorcepublish time: 10:26last update: 10:26Demi Moore has decided not to file for divorce despite the betrayal of the young husband Ashton Kutcher, who has long pleaded with her for forgiveness, according to NEWSru.ua with reference to TSN.Star family scandal svorachivala over the past two months - in September it became known that Ashton cheated on his wife with 22-year-old model Sara Leal, and this happened on the anniversary of their wedding. Moreover, later Sarah gave a candid interview in which he told details.First, Moore met with the lawyers, but then changed his mind. In the end, love was stronger than the offense. And the prospect of sharing of jointly acquired property was totally inspired - state Moore estimated at nearly 97 million, Kutcher is about the same. Demi realized that he didn't want the divorce, not ready to lose Ashton and agreed to forgive.The media learned about the list of promises Ashton agrees to comply, if demi will return to him and will not file for divorce. Among the stated intention is not communicating in your favorite social networks, giving more time for the family, the rejection of flirting with other women, and even more serious attitude to Kabbalah.But it turns out demi Moore, too, has something to hide. Long before the novel Ashton Kutcher with Sara Leal, the one that started the disorder in the famous family, Moore cheating on her husband with his friend, 27-year-old actor Ben Hollingsworth. Source: Kutcher Moore promised not to look at other women.

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