Unknown facts about the private life of Grigory Leps

Unknown facts about the private life of Grigory LepsPopular singer Grigory Leps has long been found happiness with his second wife - together with Anna they had three children: Eva, Nicole and Vano. Never the singer did not leave without attention and his eldest daughter - Inga Lepsveridze.But that's who her mother is the first love of the famous artist? Where is she now and how did her life after divorce with one of the highest paid singers of Russia? Correspondents "Your DAY" was able to lift the veil of secrecy first marriage famous Leps.About his first family Union with a classmate at the Sochi musical College Grigory Leps always tells sparingly. He recalls: "We were very young, in no way wanted each other to yield. Here and fled". In these words is the truth, but not all.Gregory, then Lepsveridze, and Svetlana Dubinsky studied together at the music school in Sochi. Boy - on percussion, and the girl on the vocal.- Grisha I remember very young, " says the teacher of solfeggio and theory of harmony Oleh Lukancic. - First he, like everyone, music theory was hard, then gets easier and easier, and the state exam in the specialty he passed great!- In the musical College he was the soul of the company, recalls his classmate Igor Garabet. - He loved to draw attention to themselves: stories, participated in skits. Every autumn we were sent to the farm to harvest apples. There, in the shade of the Apple trees at sunset flushed between Grisha and Svetlana Dubinskaya was born love. We often saw them as they walked arm in arm around the houses, in the "red corner" dance arranged for two. Not to fall in love with her was impossible! Light was the most beautiful girl on the course: fiery red hair, white skin, deep eyes, great figure! But, unlike the jovial Leps, Svetlana was much humbler and quieter. While Leps were gallopamil all Ivanovo Beatles and Kuzmin (he then released his first album with the group "Speaker"), she quietly sat back and marveled at his favorite...When the Leps was drafted into the army, the beauty he faithfully waited, often wrote letters. She also worked in the pharmacy, which was located in the house where lived Leps, on Krasnoarmeyskaya street. Did not shun the dirty work: cleaned, washed on the funnel-tube.WeddingWhen Lepsveridze returned from the army, the lovers decided to get married.- Grisha was madly in love with his wife! recalls classmate Leps Alexander Bardis, now a soloist with the rock band "Doctor Faustus". - The wedding was very fun, noisy, she walked two hundred people! Took a large dining room in front of the house Lepsveridze, at the wedding played his uncle with his ensemble, which already sang Grisha. Of course, I was also invited her, as she studied him in the same class and lived with him door to door on the same staircase. We grew up with music! Relatives have presented the newlyweds a bunch of money and gifts. Remember, Grisha presented foreign fashion jeans, and Light - robe. Young went to sleep, new clothes hanging in the bathroom and leaving the window to the balcony open, and waking up in the morning, they have not found the newlyweds have been robbed!The couple lived in the apartment of the parents of Gregory. However, as is often the case in many families, Svetlana began omissions with his father. Victor Antonovich - a man of strict rules, and young wife are unable to adapt to settled life of the older generation. The more that they lived in the same apartment. And, as psychologists say, misunderstandings in such situations is almost inevitable. Even the birth of a granddaughter't melted the harshness of his grandfather. Shortly after the birth of little Inga Svetlana with a baby in the back of my hands left her husband, who in that time was only 23 years old. And they decided to divorce...CasinoThe stories of close family, Lepsveridze began to participate in the Sochi restaurants, and Svetlana got a job in a casino, having mastered the fashionable and profitable at the time, the profession of croupier. Often she went to work in Turkey and other countries. This activity her so captivated that she is with her friends even tried to open his own gambling business. To lift the child and place in life as a person, Svetlana had to work days and nights. To educate Inga helped two grandmothers, her mother and mother Leps Natella Semyonovna. And Grisha helped money, but also led at the same time rollicking life of a restaurant singer. He was so respected and popular in Sochi that one evening could earn on the car, but that same night all earned squander...EnglandInga Lepsveridze grew up, she adores her father and perfectly communicates with his new family.- Inga - father's daughter! - talking about her friends. With his manners, with his sense of humor and irony. She is 27 years old, she is not yet married. In 14 years, Gregory sent Inga to study in London, she now works as a consultant in the arts and wants to work in a famous auction house in the UK. Abroad talented girl wrote a book with tips for Russian immigrants. Mother Inga Svetlana lives with her in London. The photos in the social network she looks well-groomed and relaxed, however, after her divorce from Gregory married Dubinsky never came. Source: Unknown facts about the private life of Grigory Leps.

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