Catherine Deneuve is suffering because of old age and senility

Catherine Deneuve is suffering because of old age and senility67-year-old legend of the French and world cinema Catherine Deneuve (Catherine Deneuve) has admitted that she felt bad to be old, although for Directors, it remains desirable at any age."Aging is to feel that everything is out in the void: power over, energy decreases, bones become thinner, the muscles disappear, the skin dries. It's a slow fade... But, in the end, the most important thing to keep your head on your shoulders!", "smiles the actress."Men are less speak about it, because aging is not so noticeable and appearance for them is not so important. Yet they also suffer from it, no doubt. All suffer from it!", - frankly said Catherine Deneuve in an interview with Psychologies magazine.Actress, exchanging seventh decade, does not look his age. Wave thick blond hair, coolly beautiful face, low voice, she utters a phrase where the words are in a hurry and jostle against each other. For the audience it has always been ambivalent, attractive and aloof at the same time, scalding and chilling, obvious and elusive.B on screen and in life, she for four decades now, remains not only an icon of cinema, but also a woman who always managed to keep from prying eyes their privacy.Catherine Deneuve admits that her aging is most unpleasant senility."To fade, to decay, to be unable to do what I like, and as much as I used to. And in a profession like mine, should be taken at the same time that you're getting old, and what you will be shooting in such a way that is acceptable to all - to character for truthfulness of the film... and for me.You can try to get used to the idea of aging, but some days nothing, but there are worse and worse these days is becoming more..." - shared Catherine Deneuve.Catherine Deneuve for the Soviet people was roughly the same as "Chanel No. 5". As these spirits were not so much the flavor given to us in feeling, how much the foreign symbol of prosperity, and Deneuve was not a female actress, and the luxurious essence of femininity.It is Catherine Deneuve, decorating their half-naked half-length portrait poster "Daily beauty", made back female erotic object, is more stimulating to the imagination than even the female breast.On the screen she was an eternal object of desire and embodied desire. Sublime - as in "the umbrellas of Cherbourg", where she purity and devotion without any conditions. And forbidden - as in bunyanesque "Daily beauty" where she boldly implemented sadomasochistic fantasies.Her charm is largely due to this her greatest secrecy. During the interview, her face motionless, her eyes do not let us for a moment. Solid, deep, it literally attracts any look.But contrary to the desire of the brand to control himself in her armor sometimes reopened the gap: the pain has not healed the wounds of the soul, confused in the face of passing time, the joy of the one who lives among loved ones...Catherine Deneuve said that the topic of death is very often present in her thoughts."I suffer, I weep for those who go away, I try to live without them, but every such grief leaves its mark..." - says the star. Source: Catherine Deneuve suffers from old age and senility.

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