Brigitte Bardot threatens to make this an international incident

Brigitte Bardot threatens to make this an international incidentLegendary Frenchwoman Brigitte Bardot threatens to throw a huge international scandal if the President will continue to ignore her letters. As you might guess, these letters do not love, and angry.As you know, the actress has long devoted himself to the protection of the rights of animals, it is not surprising that she went into a rage after learning how monstrously in Ukraine treat homeless animals. On the eve of Euro-2012, the government decided to clean up the streets from stray dogs, however, methods chose not humane to catch and burn the poor animals. Of course, Brigitte Bardot decided to intervene in this situation and wrote an open letter to Victor Fedorovich:"In my organization receives hundreds of calls with complaints methods applied to these animals, with the aim to "clean up" the streets of the cities of Ukraine to Euro-2012. It's just disgusting and gross for "civilized" country!".

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