Actors `Taganka` round-the-clock guard documentation theatre

Actors `Taganka` round-the-clock guard documentation theatreActors of Theatre on Taganke has decided to take the documentation of theatre under round the clock protection until the appointment of a new artistic Director, reports "Interfax"."We will be on duty in the theatre as much as necessary, and will protect the remaining documentation from unauthorized persons", - said the Agency one of the actors, noting that Yuri Lyubimov "almost all from the theatre made".As write "news" referring to a source in the theatre, actors fear not only the loss of documents - they are also afraid to go in the summer vacation. The holiday begins on July 15 and Lyubimov should officially leave the theater only 16, so the actors want to postpone the beginning of the leave for one day to a new artistic Director was appointed in their presence.Previously, the actors Taganka" has repeatedly stated that Lyubimov, who is now on vacation, will try to save their theatre. "Despite the fact that his statement is signed, it's not the end of history", - was stated in one of the published troupe open letters. In the latest letter, the actors even suspected Lyubimov in the desire to "liberate troupe from the theatre's premises".Yesterday, July 13, at the Taganka Theater General meeting, at which the actors unanimously nominated for the post of artistic Director of a leading actor Valery Zolotukhin. He agreed to head the theatre, and his candidacy has already proposed to the government of Moscow. It is assumed that in the case of Zolotukhin will be a temporary artistic Director of the theatre before the start of the new season. While the duties of the Director of the theatre takes the Deputy Lyubimov construction Sergey Korotchenkov.Which is now left on vacation to Hungary Yuri Lyubimov, unknown. According to "Interfax", at number 11 he had booked a ticket to Moscow, but his whereabouts nor the Department of culture, nor the actors are unknown and the phone it does not fit.In the first post-firing interview, which Lyubimov gave the Russian service Bi-bi-si", the Director said that his intentions have not changed. He still is going to put "Demons" by Dostoevsky and dedicate them to the actors of "Taganka". "They sold me for 500 dollars, not 30 pieces of silver. For 520-something dollars, not theirs, but belonged to the theatre," said the Director. Source: the Actors Taganka" round-the-clock guard documentation theatre.

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