Universal has abandoned `the Dark tower` by Stephen king

Universal has abandoned `the Dark tower` by Stephen kingUniversal has abandoned the film adaptation of the cycle of novels "the Dark tower" by Stephen king, reports Deadline.The Director of the project was to make Ron Howard, known for such bands as "the Da Vinci Code", "Angels and Demons", "Cocoon", "willow", and to play a major role agreed Javier Bardem.According to the publication, Universal refused due to the high cost of the project. So, Howard had planned to tell the story of the protagonist - hand Roland Dikana - three feature films and two TV series, the exact value of which was not reported, however, was called "astronomical". The company invited the Director to reduce the budget, but it did not work and abridged version of.Previously, Universal has already refused another ambitious project - the film adaptation of "the Ridges of madness" by HP Lovecraft. The Director of this project was to be Guillermo del Toro, and starring in it agreed to play Ron Perlman and Tom cruise. Moreover, the film was planned to shoot in 3D, and to produce it was James Cameron."The dark tower", however, is not a dead project. According to Deadline, they are interested in Warner Bros., looking for a big deductible that can replace culminating in the "Harry Potter" (which without latest film attracted around half a billion dollars, the company brings to 21 billion dollars in profits).Cycle king "the Dark tower" consists of a total of seven novels. The first of them ("Arrow") was published in 1982, the final ("the Dark tower") in 2004. A key character in the books is a gunslinger Roland diskan belonging to the ancient knights. Source: Universal has abandoned "the Dark tower" by Stephen king.

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