Kate Winslet was miraculously saved from fire

Kate Winslet was miraculously saved from fireBritish actress Kate Winslet was miraculously saved from a fire while relaxing on a Caribbean island owned by her compatriot - billionaire Richard Branson.The house in which lived the star of the movie "Titanic", caught fire from a lightning strike. Fortunately, all occupants of the building people managed to escape, reports ITAR-TASS.According to the British press, the incident happened early Monday morning, August 22, however it became known about it only now.The fire occurred in one of the houses that are part of the estate of the amount of Branson island Necker. It is part of the British virgin Islands located in the Caribbean sea.35-year-old Kate Winslet was staying with the family of Bransons together with each other Louis Dowler, and her two children, ten-year-old seven-year MIA and Joe. In addition to their house, with eight bedrooms, in the time of the fire was also Richard's mother eve Branson and his daughter Holly.Kate Winslet helped put on the hands from a burning house 90-year-old mother of Branson and thus saved her life."The house was occupied by about 20 people, all they were able to get out and feel good," said the British media Richard Branson. - Our island was flown to strong tropical storm with winds up to 90 miles (145 km) per hour. About four o'clock, lightning struck the house... Kate Winslet, her boyfriend and her family were inside, there was also Holly and some of her friends. My mom was there too, they are all safely left the house and were not injured," - said the billionaire."My son Sam and nephew Jack rushed out of the house and helped everyone else to get out. Many thanks to Kate Winslet for helping to carry out home my 90-year - old mother, " Branson wrote on his blog. - Maybe, Kate thought, when the Director shout, "Cut!" "he joked.Sam Branson at the time of the fire slept in another house on the island.The building, which was struck by lightning, burned to the ground. The businessman intends to shock the time to fully restore the house to spend the upcoming this year is the wedding of Holly Branson and her fiancГ© Fred Andrews. Source: Kate Winslet was miraculously saved from fire.

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