Medvedev will pardon convicted actress

Medvedev will pardon convicted actressThe Russian head of state Dmitry Medvedev has decided to pardon the actress Natalia Zakharova, a French court sentenced him to three years in prison, but agreed to give Moscow. Now the woman is serving time in a Russian prison.About the impending pardon said the representative of the President of Russia for children's rights Pavel Astakhov. "Dmitry Medvedev has put a resolution on the "I agree", - quotes RIA Novosti words of the Ombudsman. Astakhov has expressed opinion that at the present time, the actress most in need of freedom and opportunities to continue to fight for their child.Recall that this story continues for several years. After the divorce with Frenchman Patrick Were Natalia Zakharova lost parental rights to a daughter Masha. Then ex-husband accused the actress in the attempted arson of his apartment. In July 2006, a French court found the U.S. guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison. However, the woman managed to return home. Later, the Russian court returned her parental rights, and in December 2010 Natalia Zakharova went to Paris.At the end of January 2011 the actress was detained at the courthouse where it was planned to consider the case on its rights to the daughter. The woman was sent to prison Fleury-MГ©rogis" in the vicinity of the French capital. There Russian woman complained of mistreatment and went on hunger strike. After a while diplomats managed to negotiate that the woman will serve his sentence at home.At the end of may 2011 Zakharov delivered to Russia and placed in the colony in Kostroma. However, the defense sought the release of Actresses, indicating that it was already time barred by her crime. Source: Medvedev will pardon convicted actress.

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