Hugh Laurie has demonstrated its `shaggy`

Hugh Laurie has demonstrated its `shaggy` More recently, a 52-year-old "house" sparkling bald head, and recently showed astounding and some new "shaggy".Like many colleagues of the same age, with age, Hugh Laurie has escaped hair loss.But at the ceremony Emmy awards, the actor surprised everyone absolutely uniform hairline. When he went on stage to congratulate Kate Winslet with a reward on his head was much more hair than before.Paparazzi and journalists gossip columns were of the opinion that his new hair Laurie obliged conventional hair transplant.Like it or not - in fact, not so important. The popularity of the actor the amount of hair on his head is not affected. We will remind, recently Hugh Laurie even made the Guinness Book of records as the most popular actor on television. Source: Hugh Laurie has demonstrated its "shaggy".

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