The fan group `-` killed girlfriend

The fan group `-` killed girlfriendThe killer of the leader of the fan club "On-On" Margarita Gilyova was a friend of the victim. The girl make a confession and told in detail about the motivations and circumstances of the crime.In law enforcement bodies of the capital came a girl named Victoria, who told of the brutal murder of his girlfriend. "The girl has told about motives of a crime that was committed in late June, - told Life News in law enforcement. She told about the circumstances of the murder, described in detail how they dealt with the girlfriend, and listed everything that was stolen from a house Margarita Gilyova". After that the investigators have no doubt that she committed the murder.As have informed in law enforcement bodies, the main version of the crime is jealousy. Now solves a question on arrest of the girl and the charges against her, said RIA Novosti.As written, the Days.Roux, Margaret Gileva, who led the fan club pop group "On-On", was found dead in his rented apartment at the Volgograd prospectus. The girl's body was found in a bathtub with multiple stab wounds.A murder victim was discovered by the owners of the home. They became concerned after their lodger few days did not respond to phone calls. To open the apartment owners came together with the district.According to the Moscow police, the offender strangled Gileva an electric cord, caused the woman to multiple stab wounds in the chest, and then stabbed her in the throat.The apartment was left a lot of clues: cigarette butts, fingerprints. However, the investigators noted that the offender was trying to cover his tracks. Of several frames in the apartment vanished pictures lost cell phone and notebook, ripped out a few pages from the notebook of the dead. Source: the Fan group "On-On" killed girlfriend.

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