The police got a suspect in the death of Amy Winehouse

The police got a suspect in the death of Amy Winehouse The UK police got a suspect is a close friend of Amy Winehouse, whose name was not disclosed.According to the newspaper "arguments of the week", according to Scotland Yard, he gave the star a lethal dose of crack cocaine during a joint drug use. In this case the police did not specify whether he consciously did it or not.Meanwhile, according to tabloid the People with reference to the source environment of the deceased star, Winehouse was spotted in the company of the dealer on Friday at about 22.20. According to witnesses, the star bought a whole cocktail of drugs - cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and ketamine, according to BFM.- I think Amy wanted to sing their hearts out on Friday, " said the source, whose name was not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. She was in Camden on a Friday night, and after they were going to throw a party in his apartment. But none of us know exactly who was with her when she died.In turn, Amy's friends say that the star died from "bad" ecstasy pills mixed with alcohol, says LifeNews. It is known that Winehouse suffered from emphysema - diseases of the respiratory tract.We will add that Scotland Yard initially described her death as "unexplained", but the official version remains a drug overdose.Recall that Amy Winehouse was found dead yesterday around 16:00 British summer time (19:00 GMT) in her apartment in the house on the square Camden square in North London. Source: the police got a suspect in the death of Amy Winehouse.

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