J. Lo is going through a divorce in the arms of another man

J. Lo is going through a divorce in the arms of another manIn the last clip of the singer's "I'm Into You"," she's so honest "lit" with a 30-year serial actor William levy that raises a suspicion that they are not just colleagues.Many thought that J. Lo and "Cuban brad pitt" whirlwind romance: so much passion and fire in their joint scenes from the video. Besides, a month after filming Levi broke up with his wife, where they lived for eight years, and then was followed by the stunning news about the imminent divorce of Jennifer and Marc Anthony.Here's how eloquently William described the work with the beautiful Lopez:"It was wonderful. I was very comfortable. She is very sincere and cheerful person. I really had a great time. It was amazing to see that the identity of this scale is actually very simple and funny man".But behind all this is worth nothing. Convince the representatives of the actor:"The only relationships that bind or bind - business relationships. This is all that is between them ever happened.".

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