Victoria Beckham donates forms for children

Victoria Beckham donates forms for childrenBreastfeeding is not the most useful figures for women exercise. Especially when she is reputed to be one of the sexiest Babes in the world. However, Victoria Beckham decided to sacrifice the ideal forms for the health of your future baby.One of the most talked about socialite already has three sons - 12-year-old Brooklyn, eight-year-old Romeo and six-year-old Cruz. Now Beckham couple waiting for first daughter. And Victoria wants this time it was special - and the birth and the early days of the youngest."I want it all differently this time. I want for my little girl all natural and the best" - quoted by the star Daily Mail. It seems that such desires arose in her at the very beginning of pregnancy. After all, six months ago, she removed the implants from his chest. Now Victoria did not interfere to feed her baby as ordered nature.Meanwhile, not all in the first moments of life of the small Beckham will naturally: it appears to light as a result of caesarean births as early as this week.Note that the American press (and the Beckhams are now living in Los Angeles) have already spread around the world the news of the baby's birth. The Newspapers reported that in one of the hospitals for Victoria was booked on Commerce and labor were to happen in independence Day, July 4. However, surrounded by the famous family denied this information, promising that the long-awaited event to happen "here".Appearance daughter to light is waiting for her dad, the famous football player David Beckham. In an interview he lamented that now feels future changes in their family life: "So much pink in the house, all sorts of flowers!.. And dresses! All the clothes are ready, the room is ready. We look forward to the appearance of the daughter".Victoria, that everything else is a popular fashion designer, is preparing for their baby a whole collection of outfits. The inspiration she's looking for in the European samples of high fashion. Source: Victoria Beckham donates forms for children.

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