Backstreet Boys was forbidden to sing in China

Backstreet Boys was forbidden to sing in ChinaThe Ministry of culture of China has forbidden you to host 100 popular songs, including hits from Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Backstreet Boys and Take That's "likely to damage public culture." It is reported Agence France-Presse.As for formal reasons for the censorship of the Ministry of culture called the need" to organize and legitimize" musical content posted in the Chinese segment of the global network.The list includes, in particular, a few songs from the new album Lady Gaga "Born This Way": "The Edge of Glory", "Hair", "Marry the Night" and "Bloody Mary". The reason for the ban of these songs on the Chinese Internet is not called, however it is most likely that the dissatisfaction of the authorities was caused by the chanting of texts in all sorts of manifestations of freedom - for example, the lyrical heroine of the song "Hair" wants to live and die as free as her hair ("I'll die living just as free as my hair"), and "Bloody Mary" ends with the line "freedom, my love" ("Oh, liberdade mi amor").Also banned was a number of the tracks recorded popular in Asian countries, local artists who dared to publicly speak out against the political line of the Chinese authorities. For example, in the blacklist got a Taiwanese singer A-Mei (A-Mei or Chang Hui-mei), which in may 2000, she sang the national anthem of Taiwan at the inauguration of President Chen shuybyan (Chen Shui-bian).The Chinese authorities not for the first time use censorship on popular music. For example, in 2006 the British group The Rolling Stones strongly asked during a concert in Beijing to refrain from singing songs "Brown Sugar", "Honky Tonk Woman", "Beast of Burden", "Let's Spend the Night Together" and "Rough Justice" because of their "calling" of the content.Also, the official Beijing has repeatedly accused of using political censorship in relation to the Internet. Because of this, the Chinese government in 2010 had ruined his relationship with Google, which refused to work in this country. In addition, the U.S. state Department accused Beijing in the organization of hacker attacks on e-mail accounts of Chinese human rights activists and employees of the American ruling structures. Source: Backstreet Boys was forbidden to sing in China.



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