Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov sent his son into the army

Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov sent his son into the armyThe first Vice-Premier of Russian government Igor Shuvalov sent his son into the army. A young man undergoing military service in the special forces unit on the island of Russian.That his son Eugene went to give back to the country, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov said on Friday. Back in August 2011 on his personal page in Facebook is the son of the Vice-Prime Minister wrote that the perception changes a lot when you know that soon to go into the army."I have to say that when you only have two months before you have to go into the army, you start to look at things differently. Looks like I'm going to miss everyone and everything. So now is the time to party!" - led him to the Life News.Note that on island Russian Evgeny Shuvalov will depart from the UK, where he wanted to go to Oxford. The plans of the son of the Deputy head of the government has changed after together with his father he came down on the Russian military units.Service in the special forces already had an impact on the personal life of the son of Deputy Prime Minister. For two months his status family status in the social network has changed from "have a girlfriend" to "it's complicated".Note that not all officials behave as Deputy Prime Minister, sent his son to serve. As written, the Days., in July 2011, the representative of administration of the Vladimir region rushed to the Assembly point of the military office and kidnapped his son. At the checkpoint, he introduced himself as the Vice-Governor of the region Vladimir Tatarinovs. Finding his son among recruits, the officer took him by the hand and headed to the gate. When police attempt to stop the men, a troublemaker cried out that will fire. Then the father and son got in the car and drove away. Source: Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov sent his son into the army.

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