In Nigeria, allegedly abducted the father of footballer `Chelsea`

In Nigeria, allegedly abducted the father of footballer `Chelsea`The father of the guard London football club "Chelsea" John Obi Michela went missing in the Nigerian city of Jos. Police suspect that he was abducted, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the BBC.Family Nigerian footballer told the media that has no information about the fate of Obi Michela senior from Friday, when he didn't return home from work.The abduction of well-known people and their relatives for ransom often occur in Nigeria. In 2008 a group of armed criminals abducted the brother of the English footballer Everton Joseph Yobo. The hostage was released unharmed.Recall that in the same year, the freshman Dynamo - Nigerian striker Emmanuel Okoduwa - suffered an armed attack at home and almost died from the bullets of the robbers. The bandits robbed the player to the bone, leaving him even clothes. Source: Nigeria allegedly abducted the father of Chelsea player.



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