The personal physician of Michael Jackson faces up to 4 years in prison

The personal physician of Michael Jackson faces up to 4 years in prisonTuesday, September 27, in Los Angeles begins trial on charges of a personal physician of Michael Jackson manslaughter of the king of pop, reports "Echo of Moscow".The defendant faces up to four years in prison. At the same time he all charges in the address denies. The case of Conrad Murray will be tried by a jury of assessors.Recall, the cause of death of Michael Jackson in the summer of 2009 was an overdose of sleeping pills and a mixture of painkillers. According to investigators, Conrad Murray did not calculate the amount of the drug that led to the death of the pop star.Moreover, when Jackson became ill, the defendant failed properly to make a dying singer artificial respiration. However, the doctor claims that his actions could lead to the death of the artist. According to lawyers Murray, guilty in the death of Jackson no, because the legend of pop music for a long time was in a deplorable mental and physical condition.The defense insists that fateful moment, the doctor was in another room and the musician caught himself took a lethal dose of pain medication.On the eve of the hearing, the lawyer for the doctor told me that shortly before his death, during a press conference in London to discuss the new album, This Is It, Jackson was behind the scenes in an unconscious state due to the amount of alcohol consumed, reports Reuters.Earlier, the Supreme court of Los Angeles has rejected more than half of the candidates for the jury. More than half of the 187 candidates stated that participation in the trial as the jury have great inconveniences.According to the law, the jury should not know the details of the case from outside sources. At the meeting it became clear that about the circumstances of the case are aware of all the jurors. Presiding at the trial, judge Michael Pastor, however, did not see anything amazing.The judge warned the jury that during the consideration of the case they will have to limit my activity on the Internet. In particular, the jury is not allowed to write about the process in social networks and blogs, discuss it and read about it. In case of violation, the jury faces a large fine or imprisonment.After that 115 candidates reported that participation in the process will become for them a cause of serious discomfort. Source: Personal physician of Michael Jackson faces up to 4 years in prison.



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