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A porn film with Marilyn Monroe auctioned

A porn film with Marilyn Monroe auctionedOne of two existing copies of the short porn film with Marilyn Monroe in the lead role will be auctioned in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires on 7 August.According to the auction organizer Michele Barca, the initial cost for this lot will be 500 thousand dollars. Black-and-white six-minute short film was shot probably in 1946 or 1947, reports the BBC.As already mentioned Days.Roux, 2008 15 minutes of the intimate life of the icon of Hollywood were sold in new York for $ 1.5 million. Black-and-white video captures sex scene between Marilyn and the unknown. The record was originally sold by the son of a deceased FBI informant, obviously, followed the star of all times and peoples, who died under mysterious circumstances. The sex symbol of America filmed in intimate process in clothing, the man's face is out of frame.Experts believe that the movie was filmed at a time when actively circulated rumors about the connection Monroe with the President of the United States John F. Kennedy. However to find out who is on the tape, and failed.The buyer is asked not to disclose his name. It is known that this is a wealthy businessman living in Manhattan. The collector made a promise not to publicize captured and stored scandalous video in your home collection.Also a lot of fuss about unknown picture of American movie stars imprinted in the Nude. The information that a resident of Las Vegas Lawrence Nicastro intends to publish an unknown photo of Marilyn Monroe posing in the Nude autotomize, made a splash in American media. However, it soon became clear that the unique photograph is not Monroe, and pop star Louise Ciccone, better known as Madonna. Source: Porn film with Marilyn Monroe auctioned.

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