Laima Vaikule staged a fight between Pugacheva and Kirkorov

Laima Vaikule staged a fight between Pugacheva and KirkorovSinger Laima Vaikule provoked a fight between her friends and colleagues Alla Pugacheva, Igor Krutoy and Phillip Kirkorov. Star pillow fight happened on the set of new clip limes."What should we do? The scenario is?" "asked diva, appearing on the site. "Nothing to do. Just be himself and not look at the camera," explained the video Director Alexander", known for the musical "the Golden key" and many other Christmas tales."Well, then we'll be fooling around!" - glad Alla Borisovna. Immediately the actress grabbed a pillow from the couch and began to seek out his victim. Carefully taking aim, the first shell Pugachev threw in composer Igor Krutoy. That, in turn, hit a pillow of Philip Kirkorov, then pop king returned fire on defeat.The judge star battle became Maxim Galkin. "I have some tea on the side get a drink, can I?" asked peace-loving TV presenter, departing away from "fooling around" with pleasure and drank strong brewed beverage.Everything on the camera in video mode removed husband limes Andrew, who regularly makes an Amateur video from the festival in the title role. While the main part of the video was filmed by Alexander". "Despite the fact that we shoot with, Laima is the third clip in her house in Jurmala, I still manage to find more and more places here, especially in the front garden," he bragged "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Director.According to Alexander, the subject of the video itself, the stars just greet and Laima are doing in the shot that they want. But I wanted them frolic like children and fights with each other with pillows. The festival also included in the role, occasionally sat on his knees colleagues, kissing with guests and otherwise shared their fun. By the way, star friends of the singer came to the shooting without delay, clearly by noon, whereas before they walked in the night club until four in the morning. Source: Laima Vaikule staged a fight between Pugacheva and Kirkorov.

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