Victoria Bonya twisted on the set

Victoria Bonya twisted on the setDuring the filming of one of the programs MTV, the channel staff had to call an ambulance for Victoria Boni. The girl twisted so that she could not move.Supermodel Lena Kuletskaya gave advice to the stars of show business what to wear to a cocktail party or a rock concert, as effectively apply themselves to a job interview for a job or to please the teachers at the exam at the Institute. Victoria Bonia, Cornelia Mango, Karina Cox and Julia Parshuta decided to test their abilities.However, in the midst of filming the unexpected happened. One of the participants, Victoria Bonya, I felt a sharp pain in the abdomen. The girl twisted so that she could not move and the organizers immediately called an ambulance.Fortunately, to hospitalize ee was not necessary. Arriving doctors quickly revived Boni, and she bravely returned to the set, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".As written, the Days., some time ago, the girl had to be fidgety fairly. The fact that the TV presenter and actress was cruelly robbed. I remember a hijacked luxury Italian Vespa scooter, which she has long dreamed of. Victoria had left his vehicle value of 250 thousand rubles, given to her for participating in the campaign, in front of his house on the Mozhaisk highway. After several hours, the scooter was gone. Victoria wrote a letter to the police Department Mozhaisky district in the hope that the stolen be returned to her."I'm extremely upset," complained Bonia. - Have time to ride it only once - on the Kuntsevsky market. Dreamed about this scooter for a long time and was over the moon when I gave it to. When I saw him at the door, could not believe that it could steal". Source: Victoria Bonya twisted on the set.

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