Keanu Reeves has decided to go after Sandra bullock

Keanu Reeves has decided to go after Sandra bullockHollywood actors Sandra bullock and Keanu Reeves have been friends for 17 years. But they just now decided to add in their relationships romance.Two famous Hollywood stars - Keanu Reeves and Sandra bullock for many years was connected, creative and friendly relationships. After meeting in 1994 on the film Speed, the young people liked each other, but the romantic feelings arose.Working together with psychological Thriller the lake House, bullock and Reeves have already confessed to each other in passionate sympathy. And more recently, Reeves has openly declared Sandra: "She is beautiful, energetic, positive and talented girl". In response, pleased with the actress replied that she liked Keanu.A source close to the couple claims that Reeves was very jealous bullock during her relationship with actor Ryan Reynolds. And after parting with him Sandra finally decided to confess his love to the star of the Matrix. Now young people are in the status of the lovers and spend all their free time together. Source: Keanu Reeves decided to go after Sandra bullock.

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