Okhlobystin has created a tariff plan for mobile operator

Okhlobystin has created a tariff plan for mobile operatorIn his new brainchild 44-year-old actor put the soul and philosophical sense. And the name chosen consistent with their worldview.- "77" for me is a symbolic number, " says Showbiz Life Okhlobystin. - I have always been lucky with these numbers. Here is my essay, which I will finish closer to the fall, consists of 77 doctrines.The new plan will start in August, two weeks before the iconic actor of the event - a Grand literary readings in "Luzhniki". Initiative and money to carry out joint cultural action belongs Okhlobystin, representatives of the mobile operator is pleased to support the creative Director of "Euroset" in his endeavors.- I despise the world of show business, " frankly admits Ivan. - Therefore, all earned in this field spend funds for a good cause.On the idea of the former father John, and nowadays most ardent fan of gadgets, "Doctrine 77" will include free Internet and something "twitterverse": this is where users can share their thoughts.In addition, all subscribers will end at 77, and this, according to Ivan, is also very iconic. Source: Okhlobystin has created a tariff plan for mobile operator.

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