Jessica Simpson pregnant

Jessica Simpson pregnantJessica Simpson is pregnant. This is evidenced not only her plump figure, but also strange food preferences.One of the most cheerful blondes Hollywood Jessica Simpson repeatedly attributed the pregnancy. Too unexpected was the change in her figure: she is slim and beautiful for years, then suddenly surprised at the concert fans find her, to put it mildly, in shock, but no less beautiful. It is unlikely that such sudden increases of weight will have a positive effect on the health of girls.However, now Jessica's doing in one weight. And the paparazzi attribute this to the fact that the blonde is in an interesting position, according to "7 days". But it's not just the rounded forms of the singer. Friends quietly talking about dramatically changing tastes Jess. Besides the fact that Simpson gave up all his bad habits, she combines salty, sweet: eating potato chips and dipped in chocolate!Let's hope that the interesting position Jessica forced her to undertake the preparations for his own wedding with the new forces (if, of course, will not take the fruit). We will remind, for the past ten months famous blonde meets up with Eric Johnson, they got engaged and were supposed to get married. But Simpson was unexpectedly cancelled the celebration indefinitely. One can only imagine the amount of surprise Erica and her family.It turns out that Jessica could not determine the date, place and style of the ceremony: she is equally interested in a lavish wedding in Hawaii and modest wedding in a circle of close friends. I would like to believe that the celebration will still take place. Source: Jessica Simpson is pregnant.

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