Moscow orchestras supported artists sasr

Moscow orchestras supported artists sasrThe musicians of the Metropolitan orchestras wrote a letter to the Ministry of culture, which was supported by artists of the State academic symphonic orchestra of a name of Svetlanova. The text is given on the portal of Classical Music News.In support of the musicians of the Orchestra, in mid-August, wrote an open letter to the Ministry of culture with the request to dismiss the artistic Director of Mark Gorenstein, artists BSO Tchaikovsky, the National Philharmonic orchestra of Russia, the orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia and the Russian national orchestra and MGASA under Pavel Kogan.The musicians noted that he worked as guest artists in the JI-AP and could "verify that an invalid communication style M. B. Gorenstein". According to them, the behavior of the main conductor of the state Symphony orchestra as well as fixed monetary penalties led to a situation in the Orchestra, "associated with creativity".The artists stressed that sasr were forced to resort to this method of resolving the conflict, because the musicians are not able to build a constructive dialogue with the conductor who their fines. In addition, artists Symphony orchestras of Moscow noted that the Gorenstein over 9 years of work could not form a permanent orchestra due to a large employee turnover. The musicians asked the Ministry of culture to consider the opinion of artists of the state academic Symphony Orchestra.After the musicians of the Orchestra wrote a letter to the Minister of culture Alexander Avdeev, the Ministry of culture reported that watching the situation in the orchestra. Mark Gorenstein has denied reports of mass layoffs, noting that the number fired is composed of musicians, which took the work on tour only. In addition, the conductor said that he needed to improve the professional level of the orchestra.Currently, mark Gorenstein is on sick leave. Interim artistic Director of the Svetlanov state appointed second conductor of the orchestra Alexander Slutsky. Previously in support of Mark Gorenstein also had written a letter, which was signed by more than ten artists, in particular Alexander Kalyagin and Yuri Bashmet.Mark Gorenstein was headed by the JI-AP in 2002. It has appointed former Minister of culture Mikhail Shvydkoi. Source: Moscow orchestras supported artists sasr.

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