Madonna is going to marry a 24-year-old dancer

Madonna is going to marry a 24-year-old dancerLegendary singer Madonna is going to marry again. 53-year-old singer intends to marry 24-year-old dancer Brahmin SABATON, his current lover. Family life of a couple can be very successful, as Zaibat just loves children Madonna.The superstar has been married twice: to actor Sean Penn and Director guy Ritchie. However, the singer is ready to verify the correctness of the principle God loves a Trinity. Now she's Dating 24-year-old dancer, originally from France, Brahmin Shibata, and, according to media reports, ready to call it a legal spouse, reports 7 days.At the end of summer Madonna vacationed in the South of France in the company of his young lover. With them had spent time with the daughter of the singer Lourdes, whose presence did not prevent the couple to indulge in hugs and kisses.There is the fact that Zaibat well-found a common language with all children Madonna's 14 - year-old Lourdes, 11-year-old Rocco, six-year-old David and five-year Mersey. It certainly won the heart of a star.As written, the Days., in may 2011 became aware of another sensation regarding family Affairs of the Madonna. A genealogist Chris child found out that the singer is in a relationship with his colleague in the shop, the infamous Lady Gaga.Common ancestor of both divas, he moved to permanent residence in Quebec from France in the XVII century. So besides the fact that the artist - cousin, it turned out that in their veins flows the French blood. By the way, genealogists claim that Madonna is a distant kinship with another famous singer Gwen Stefani. Source: Madonna is going to marry a 24-year-old dancer.

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