Omar Sharif beat a fan on the red carpet

Omar Sharif beat a fan on the red carpetPopular actor Omar Sharif, came to the festival and it was right on the red carpet. He hit a fan who wanted to be photographed with him. And then, as if nothing had happened, posed with her.The incident occurred at the annual film festival "Tribeca". Walking the red carpet, the actor stopped in front of photographers. Immediately it began to approach fans to be photographed with kinolegendy. Suddenly smiling actor, losing patience, the palm of the hand struck standing before him the girl. "Wait," cried the actor, angrily letting him know that she prevented him, RIA Novosti reported.Seeing how raged actor, another fan was taken aback and walked away to wait until Sharif will calm down. It is noteworthy that Omar really quickly calmed down and even took a picture with his "victim". It was noticeable that a humbled fan embarrassed, though he did smile at the lens.Recall that Omar Sharif is not the first time violent. In 2005 a verbal sparring actor with Valet Parking restaurant in Beverly hills ended in a fight. Sharif struck the attendant in the nose. He filed a lawsuit against the actor, and the court of Los Angeles ruled that Sharif must pay 450 thousand dollars to the victim. The actor refused to pay this amount. And his lawyer actually said that to force Omar Sharif to satisfy a judgment in a civil case against his will is impossible, because his client had no property in the United States.Recall, real name Omar Sharif Michelle Demitri Shaloub. He was born in 1932 in Egypt. After exactly 30 years, the actor received the prestigious award "Oscar" for a minor role of Ali in the film "Lawrence of Arabia". And in 1965 Omar Sharif played the title role in the film "Doctor Zhivago". Source: Omar Sharif beat a fan on the red carpet.

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